pretty simple

The Best, Easiest Way to Apply Eyeliner Without jabbing yourself in the eyeball.

deep cleansing on a dime
Pantene Is Making Charcoal Shampoo The Pro-V collection is a budget-friendly way to test out the detoxifying properties of charcoal
over easy
What Does Your Cheese Platter Say About You? My laborious quest to seem effortless.
birthday disaster
What Went Wrong at Kylie Jenner’s 21st Birthday? The night was perfect and glamorous. Until a woman left in a stretcher.
vive le concealer
Clé de Peau Created a New Concealer A new release from the brand known for one of the best concealers ever.
Aretha Franklin Understood How to Sing About Women In praise of her best song.

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My Divorce Cost Me $250,000 “At one point, my ex-husband said, ‘You’re going to be left with nothing at the end of this.’”
roe v. wade
11 Essential Stories on Abortion What access to reproductive care looked like before Roe v. Wade, what it’s like now, and what it’s in danger of becoming again.
state politics
Exclusive: Nixon & Teachout to Announce Dual Endorsement “New York State should be the living counterexample to Donald Trump’s America.”

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 13 Mercury ends its retrograde this week, thank goddess!
over easy
What Does Your Cheese Platter Say About You? My laborious quest to seem effortless.
it's complicated
I Accidentally Emailed an Old Love-Letter Draft to My Ex While going through my unsent messages with my new boyfriend.
sex diaries
The Las Vegas Accountant Wondering If Her Date Is Married This week’s sex diary.
my two cents
How to Stop Cheating on Your Budget The key is to catch yourself at just the right moment.

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Aretha Franklin Understood How to Sing About Women In praise of her best song.
The Evangelical Celebrities and Pastors Dominating Hollywood In the past four years, Justin Bieber’s done for Pentecostal megachurches what Tom Cruise did for Scientology and Madonna did for Kabbalah.
Celebrity Besties Interviewing Each Other: A Bad Media Trend Can you tell the actual celebrity compliments from the fake ones? A quiz.
The Best-est Party Looks of the Week One awe-inspiring look from every fête that mattered.
summer of love
Don’t Tell Lana Condor Who She Can Love The star of the summer’s best romantic comedy, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, on scrunchies, representation, and how she handles the haters.
Aretha Franklin on Love, Loss, and Respect Her most memorable quotes on music, aging, and of course, respect.

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Summer of Rage White men are the minority in the United States — no wonder they get uncomfortable when their power is challenged.
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Time’s Up, Bill Is Bill Clinton the only one who doesn’t realize he needs to join the #MeToo reckoning?
How an Aspiring ‘It’ Girl Tricked New York’s Party People — and Its Banks Somebody had to foot the bill for Anna Delvey’s fabulous new life. The city was full of marks.
What I Learned on My Date With a Sex Robot Maybe they need to be more like us. Or maybe we’re already learning to be more like them.
In Her New Book Motherhood, Sheila Heti Confronts an Eternal Female Crossroads The writer takes up the problem of whether to have a baby in her engrossing autobiographical novel.
Busy Philipps on Instagram, Her BFF Michelle Williams, and Losing Heath Ledger Instagram’s favorite storyteller has so much more to say.
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