that's a good look

This Is the Sexiest Puffer Coat We’ve Ever Seen It’s vegan leather.

why is your skin so good
How This Digital Creative Gets Her Skin So Good Olivia Perez is an expert at switching up her skin-care routine.
the cut on tuesdays
Amy Sherald Talks About Painting Michelle Obama On this week’s How I Get It Done podcast episode.
in conversation
In Conversation With the Inimitable Karl Lagerfeld The man behind Chanel continues to immortalize himself.
the perfect candle
Oh My God, a Luxury Advent Calendar Full of Diptyque Candles An incredible daily December treat.
my favorite places
69 of Our Favorite New Yorkers on Their Favorite NYC Places From a 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant to the biking in the Rockaways.

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the cut on tuesdays
How It Feels to Survive Being Shot This week’s episode of The Cut on Tuesdays podcast.
History Will Recall, George Bush Did Nothing at All I can’t forget the ways George H.W. Bush failed people with AIDS.
editor's letter
The Devastating Illusion of Control Thoughts for the end of 2018.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 3 Mercury ends its retrograde this week, thank goddess!
‘Do I Really Want to Hurt My Baby?’ Inside the disturbing thoughts that haunt new parents.
it's complicated
It’s Complicated: I Had My First Date at 28 On learning how to start from scratch.
sex diaries
The Writer Sexting Internationally and Ignoring Alarm Bells This week’s sex diary.
my two cents
Older Women Are the Best Money Mentors Finding someone whose advice you trust is one of the best financial moves you can make.

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Did Mary, Queen of Scots Really Wear All of Those Earrings? Investigating a costume-drama mystery.
Prince William Makes Festive Joke About Kate Middleton The dad jokes strike again.
Everyone’s Ready to Watch Greta Lee And the actress is feeling the pressure of being seen.
The Best-est Party Looks of the Week One awe-inspiring look from every fête that mattered.
the cut on tuesdays
Amy Sherald Talks About Painting Michelle Obama On this week’s How I Get It Done podcast episode.
I Think About This a Lot: This Prince Parody Account Tweet The stars aligned, the heavens opened up for one brief, shining moment, and the best reply possible was delivered.

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Best of the Cut

Lena Dunham Comes to Terms With Herself She’s mostly done making herself the subject of the story.
The Haunting of a Dream House A New Jersey family bought their ideal home. But according to the creepy letters they started to get, they weren’t the only ones interested in it.
How Did Larry Nassar Deceive So Many for So Long? Everyone believed the predatory trainer who may have just brought down USA Gymnastics.
We Thought We Knew Faith, Until We Didn’t The making of a white-nationalist poster girl.
What a Good Boy In the end, Brett Kavanaugh proved that he’s exactly what Republicans want for the Supreme Court.
Serena Williams and the Game That Can’t Be Won (Yet) What rage costs a woman.
Tessa Thompson Knows People Can’t Stop Thinking About Her She’d just rather you think about her work than her personal life.
Sonoya Mizuno Doesn’t Just Want to Dance A conversation with the ballerina-turned–Crazy Rich Asians star about representation and following your gut.
Marisa Tomei Knows What She’s Worth A frank conversation on money, beauty, and sticking with work you love.
Summer of Rage White men are the minority in the United States — no wonder they get uncomfortable when their power is challenged.
Meet Jorja Smith: The Soul Singer Who Turned Down Drake “Maybe I am a bit of a siren.”
Time’s Up, Bill Is Bill Clinton the only one who doesn’t realize he needs to join the #MeToo reckoning?