finer things

This Spring Jacket Feels New and Vintage at the Same Time Has wallpaper-print ever felt so modern?

scent memories
Tory Burch Loves the Smell of Saltwater Taffy and Fresh Tennis Balls The designer on what heaven and purple islands smell like.
we ship it
A History of Janelle Monáe And Tessa Thompson’s Maybe-More-Than Friendship A guide to Hollywood’s cutest maybe-couple.
Liz Phair, 25 Years Out of Exile A quarter century after her career-making album, she’s still writing songs first and foremost for herself.
let's makeup
Hourglass Cosmetics’ New Skin-Care-Meets-Makeup Products They call it a “veil.”
science of us
The Misunderstood Science of Sexual Desire It isn’t always a spontaneous drive that hits us out of nowhere.

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toronto van attack
The Deadly History of Gender Violence in Canada Even a progressive, nonviolent country is not immune to misogynist violence.
Who Will Stand Up for Chikesia Clemons? What happened to the 25-year old could have happened to me.
Talking Feminism With a Medieval Times Queen Erin Zapcic went from “bar wench” to Queen Doña Maria Isabella.

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ask polly
‘I Don’t Want a Big Job Offer to Change My Life!’ You have to tune in to your deepest feelings as you explore this possibility.
sex diaries
The Assistant Who Wants a Sex and the City Experience This week’s sex diary.
it's complicated
That Time My Ex Found the Fake Wedding Registry I’d Made Us As he was putting together a real one with his new fiancée.
Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 23 This is a good week for being surprised.
sex negative
The Time I Almost Lost My Job for Having Sex at Work “I was really into it — the little hint of danger was exciting. That’s when I heard the front door open.”

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Liz Phair, 25 Years Out of Exile A quarter century after her career-making album, she’s still writing songs first and foremost for herself.
we ship it
A Comprehensive History of Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson A guide to Hollywood’s cutest maybe-couple.
we watched it so you don't have to
Most Traumatizing Moments From The Handmaid’s Tale Premiere The darkest show on TV has gotten even more brutal.
hashtag mood
Tired of Millennial Pink? Try Melodramatic Purple A spring mood.
Keeping Up With Kanye: A Screenplay Inspired by recent tweets.
royal inquiries
Can You Bring Your Baby to a Royal Wedding? The first inquiry for our royal expert.

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Busy Philipps on Instagram, Her BFF Michelle Williams, and Losing Heath Ledger Instagram’s favorite storyteller has so much more to say.
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I Started the Media Men List My name is Moira Donegan.
Katja Blichfeld Gets What She Wants After a year of changes, the quietly commanding High Maintenance co-creator embarks on a new life.
Lena Waithe Is Creating the Culture The Emmy winner simply tells the stories that she knows best. The difference is that, suddenly, everyone wants to listen.
The Chef Who Stood Up to Ivanka Trump Chef Angela Dimayuga gets ready to party.
Every Parent Wants to Protect Their Child. I Never Got the Chance. To fight for my son, I have to argue that he should never have been born.
The Life and Death of a Radical Sisterhood Fifty years ago, a group of women convened in New York with one clear goal: Dismantle the patriarchy. Their struggle feels all too contemporary.
We Are All Implicated in the Post-Weinstein Reckoning As stories about abuse, assault, and complicity come flooding out, how do we think about the culprits in our lives? Including, sometimes, ourselves.