they seem cool

The Soundcloud Rapper Who’s Also a Model Meet Derek Drummond.

the beauty of it all
Cooking Dinner With a Beauty Legend Dick Page loves his Instant Pot and doesn’t believe in trends.
finer things
The Most Glamorous Way to Cinch Your Waist Jazz up your jeans.
over easy
I Made Trump’s Favorite Meatloaf, Now My Colleagues Hate Me Apparently, only the president can force people to eat baked meat.
why is your skin so good
How This Glossier Model Gets Her Skin So Good Jessica Wu on her beauty routine.
science of us
How to Be Better at Uncertainty Maybe this advice will work, maybe it won’t.

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no filter
A New Series About How Women Present Ourselves Online A collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
march for our lives
Everything You Need to Know About the March for Our Lives Survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting are organizing a nationwide demonstration to end gun violence on March 24. Here’s how you can help.
Meet Catalina Cruz, the Queens Dreamer Running for Office “Did we go through everything we went through for you to be mediocre?”

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ask polly
‘I Wish I Had Old Friends!’ You don’t seem to be talking about actual holes in your life right now that need to be filled.
sex diaries
The Woman Sexting Her Married Co-worker This week’s sex diary.
it's complicated
My Friend and I Confronted the Guy Who Was Texting Us Both We showed up together at the bar where he was supposed to meet one of us, and things got … weird.
Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 19 The sun enters Aries.
sex negative
The Time I Almost Lost My Job for Having Sex at Work “I was really into it — the little hint of danger was exciting. That’s when I heard the front door open.”

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talking to teens
10 Teens Talk About Love, Simon and Coming Out in 2018 “Anyone who says a movie like this isn’t important is so out of touch, because I’ve had three friends come out to me since seeing it.”
what happens at burning man
A Wrinkle In Time’s Most Burning Man Moments It’s a movie best-appreciated with a healthy dose of childlike wonder, or a fist full of psychedelic drugs
Your Comprehensive Guide to the Bachelor Finale Drama For once, the series actually delivered on its promise of “the most dramatic ending in Bachelor history.”
Beyond Harajuku: On Tokyo’s Fashion Landscape Now A new book captures the avant-garde looks of Tokyo’s modern street style.
clash of the tartans
10 Times Celebrities Wore Tartan Long live plaid (and the Queen)!
‘Margiela, the Hermès Years’ on Display in Paris The exhibition, organized by the MoMu in Antwerp, opens in the fashion house’s native city this week.

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Zazie Beetz on Deadpool, Atlanta, and Overcoming Her Anxiety In the chaotic world of Atlanta, she’s a grounding force.
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I Started the Media Men List My name is Moira Donegan.
Katja Blichfeld Gets What She Wants After a year of changes, the quietly commanding High Maintenance co-creator embarks on a new life.
Lena Waithe Is Creating the Culture The Emmy winner simply tells the stories that she knows best. The difference is that, suddenly, everyone wants to listen.
The Chef Who Stood Up to Ivanka Trump Chef Angela Dimayuga gets ready to party.
Every Parent Wants to Protect Their Child. I Never Got the Chance. To fight for my son, I have to argue that he should never have been born.
The Life and Death of a Radical Sisterhood Fifty years ago, a group of women convened in New York with one clear goal: Dismantle the patriarchy. Their struggle feels all too contemporary.
We Are All Implicated in the Post-Weinstein Reckoning As stories about abuse, assault, and complicity come flooding out, how do we think about the culprits in our lives? Including, sometimes, ourselves.
Cardi B Was Made to Be This Famous Only in 2017 could this particular strip-club, reality-television, rap-fame fairy tale have come true. And maybe only for Cardi B.
The SNL Star Fighting Sizeism in Fashion Aidy Bryant of Saturday Night Live talks comedy and style.
The Instagram Poet Outselling Homer Ten to One Meet Rupi Kaur, author of the ubiquitous Milk and Honey.