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All We Really Needed to Know About Fashion Week We Learned From Celebrities

Stars are everywhere at Fashion Week, and so it seemed a good idea to glean some wisdom from our betters. Here’s what they had to tell us.

They have feelings!

“I’ve made a worst-dressed list, and I totally disagreed with it! There were a couple times that I thought it was fair, but there were others that I thought, No! I stand by the stuff that I wear, unless there’s a momentary lapse of thought or judgment. And there have been a couple of those.”
— Mischa Barton

“Oh, yes, I made the one in Us Weekly. What happened was I performed on the BET runway, and I took a picture in my performance outfit. And the thing was that my top was supposed to be closed and it opened, and I had a belt wrapped around it. So I kind of looked like a hoochie mama. But it was fair. I understood it.”
— Christina Milian

“I did it on purpose. At the Billboard Awards last year, I had on a yellow cashmere sweater with some yellow argyle and brown shorts, and I was like, ‘Aw, I love it!’ and then everybody else was like, ‘What the hell do you have on?’ Every time I wear something, I try to make a statement. But, hey, I was the only guy in Us Weekly that week, so it wasn’t bad.”
— Nick Cannon

They hate photographers!

“All the stress! All the paparazzi and photographers! They’re all over you! You want to come and support a designer and it’s not that big a deal, and they make it a HUGE deal — like it’s the end of the world because people are coming to watch people walk down the runway in clothes.”
— Mischa Barton

“I’ve only been to a Marc Jacobs show twice in my entire life. And it’s just that everyone crushes upon anybody who’s anybody. Having my picture taken is not something I enjoy.”
— Kirsten Dunst

They pity us!

“You didn’t eat? You want some of my steak?” [Shoves steak toward us with knife. We shake head no.] “Are you sure?” [Grandmotherly look of concern, inches steak closer and closer.] “It’s really good.”
— Kirsten Dunst

[At very fancy dinner, looking at our shoes, then laughing] “Hey, I wore
flip-flops to the Prada party.”
— Lily Cole

They pity the models!

“I spend a lot of time during the show thinking about the girls, watching their faces, wondering what’s going through their heads, wondering how old they are.”
— Maggie Gyllenhaal

And they’re just like us!

“What am I going to do after all this? Sleep.”
— Milla Jovovich, Wednesday night

— Jada Yuan and Shira Levine

All We Really Needed to Know About Fashion Week We Learned From Celebrities