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Beth Ostrosky Issues an APB for White Stretch Pants

Katie Lee Joel and Beth OstroskyPhotograph by Patrick McMullan

At Betsey Johnson’s show Tuesday afternoon, her granddaughter made her runway debut. Johnson handed the baby off to daughter Lulu before turning her trademark cartwheel. At the end of the runway, stylist Patricia Field joined the designer for a little boogie, which exposed a bit of Johnson’s black thong.

Small cocktail tables covered in pink ruffled cloths lined the runway. At one, stylist Phillip Bloch sat with model and Howard Stern girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, who had strong words for white stretch pants.

Did you vote today?

I did not vote today. Shame on me.

What issues are you following?

[Shakes head unashamedly.] None.

What about in the fashion world?

There should be a law against women wearing white stretch pants. They should get ticketed and fined millions of dollars. Unless you’re Nicole Richie — that’s the only person that could get away with white stretch pants.

Who would be the fashion police? You?

I think everyone knows what I mean when I say they should be prohibited and illegal. Anyone out there could give a ticket to a person wearing white stretch pants. They’re so horrible.

Melena Ryzik

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Beth Ostrosky Issues an APB for White Stretch Pants