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Celebrities: Wear Behnaz Sarafpour

A tasteful upgrade from a sack dress.Photograph by FirstView


of our favorite collections from Fashion Week came down the runways with almost no celebrities in attendance — first at the Ashleigh Verrier show on Friday, and now Tuesday’s Behnaz Sarafpour presentation.

And to that, we once again say: Woe is us. Because when half of the starlets in town step out in Marc Jacobs-inspired hats that look like bike helmets with cubic zirconia taped to them, we are the ones whose retinas will suffer. Will they never think of us?

At least Erika Christensen was there to see piece after piece of Sarafpour’s fantastic fifties-inspired skirts, dresses, and blouses. And because we’ll be seeing a lot of her now that she’s promoting her ABC show, Six Degrees, we’re thrilled to say that not one Sarafpour item gave her any untoward ideas about leggings, knee-length tights, off-the-wall headgear, or bloomers.

Happily, although Sarafpour’s clean lines hung well on the models, they also seemed so well-tailored that they’d drape nicely on less stick-straight figures. When new mom Katie Holmes decides she’s sick and tired of everybody talking about her kid’s parentage and her fiancé’s new job conducting the Crazy Train, her still-curvy figure will look great in the light-blue patterned silk-organdy dress.

Another ubiquitous fall-TV face belongs to actress Amanda Peet (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), who has an unfortunate inability to buy clothes that fit and who might well rock a teal silk-satin frock that has the potential bonus of bringing out her blue eyes. We hope someone gives her the heads-up, because if we see her in another frumpy sack dress, we’re going to lose it.

Sarafpour’s final piece, a gold-sequined above-the-knee fringe dress, is exactly what we’d like to see on Mary-Kate Olsen once she decides it’s time to get her hair out of her face and show a little leg — and we’re not talking about the square inch of knee that shows through the holes in her ratty stockings.

So get thee to Fashion Week, M-K — if not for you, then for those of us who have to look at you.

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Watch a slideshow of the collection.

Celebrities: Wear Behnaz Sarafpour