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Fashion Grumps Don’t Mind the Parties

Whoopi Goldberg and Chris NothPhotograph by Patrick McMullan

Not everyone feels glamorous at Fashion Week. Here are a few scenes from the weekend’s parties.

Chris Noth and Whoopi Goldberg, attending the Rainforest Action Network party at the Plumm, freely admitted their fashion don’ts.

What was your biggest fashion mistake ever?
Goldberg: You could actually pull it up. I wore a lime-green Lucille Ball fifties outfit to the Academy Awards. I was on every worst-dressed fashion list, and then the following year, other people wore it in different colors.
Noth: I’m going to Google that and find the picture.

How about you, Chris?
Noth: I wore hiking boots with a suit, thinking I was being very Woodstock. I looked like an idiot.

At Sunday’s opening of Michel Gondry’s Deitch gallery art show, a companion to his new movie, The Science of Sleep, the director was blunt: “I hate fashion. On the catwalk, they look down at people, and they never smile. Fashion makes you change your taste, and then you regret the way you were dressed a couple of years ago. People should never deny who they are.”

Anti-fashion in his own way, Jack Black attended the party clad in a checked shirt and khaki pants. He wasn’t faking his “dadness”: Black parked his infant son’s stroller in a corner and asked, “Is it wrong to think we should have a lock on that?”

At Rock & Republic’s after-party Sunday night, Entertainment Tonight’s Mark McGrath was spotted getting money out of Tenjune’s ATM, despite the fact that even minor celebrities don’t usually resort to using cash machines in clubs. And never mind that drinks were on the house.

Fiona Byrne, Melena Ryzik, and Amy Zalneraitis

Fashion Grumps Don’t Mind the Parties