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Fashion Showdown: Wintour vs. Zoe

Anna Wintour and Rachel ZoePhotographs by Patrick McMullan

Calvin Klein showed twice consecutively today, and it turns out that when you attend the second show, you have a very good chance of running into famous faces who are leaving the first. This is how we witnessed the Fashion Showdown of the Week.

We were trotting down Seventh Avenue chatting about every girl’s favorite Fashion Week topic — how very badly our feet hurt — when we saw them.

On one corner was Rachel Zoe: the tiny, tan stylist who bears almost sole responsibility for every outfit we’ve hated in the past eighteen months. She gripped a giant green bag and cell phone and looked perplexed, malnourished, and wrinkly — seriously, she needs to stop tanning, because we literally saw her forehead furrows from a block out.

And on the corner directly opposite was the woman we still thrill to see, our bitchy heroine and editrix supreme: Anna Wintour. She, too, looked perplexed and held a cell phone. But she was not at all wrinkly; indeed, A.W. was gamine in a little shift.

Not ten feet apart, the women ignored one another completely. We assume this was out of abject fear on Rachel’s part and total indifference on Anna’s. The delightful tableau was a visual aid illustrating everything we love and hate and love to hate about Fashion Week.

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Fashion Showdown: Wintour vs. Zoe