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Fashion Week’s Exit Returns

Amanda Lepore and Richie Rich talk politics backstage at Heatherette.Photographs by Patrick McMullan

Tuesday was Primary Day, and New Yorkers went to the polls to pick their favorite Democrats (Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo, YES; Tom Suozzi and Mark Green, NO.). At Bryant Park, capital of the Republic of Fashion, we asked some citizens if they’d chosen a candidate that day.

Richie Rich

Did you get to vote today?

No, and I feel awful, hello!

What political issues are you interested in for New York?

I’d like to see public schools get a lot better. Teachers aren’t treated the way they should be treated. The homeless issue is really bad; if people need help, we should reach out instead of ignoring them.

Sofia Coppola

Did you get to vote today?

Is today voting day? I guess that answers your question.


What political issues are you interested in for New York?

The education issue is a big thing for me. And the rat problem is a big deal for me. It’s disgusting, and I think they’re not doing anything about it. I’m particularly pissed about it.

Nicky Hilton

Did you get to vote today?


Did you get to vote today?

[Blank look] No. I don’t really…I never like to comment about political stuff. I’m sorry. I have to go. I’m in the show.

Amanda Lepore

What laws would you create for fashion?

Well, certainly that you could wear white shoes everywhere!

Why was that guy pointing a hair dryer at your nipples when we came over?

I was here for a long time having my hair done. It was cold, and my nipples were hard and they were starting to hurt. Now they’re starting to feel better with the blow-drying.

Fiona Byrne

Fashion Week’s Exit Returns