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Iman Sees Future in Plastics

Iman and Nicolas GhesquièrePhotograph by Patrick McMullan

Barneys hosted the Balenciaga Paris book party on Friday night with stars (Courtney Cox, the Olsen twins), designers (Anait Bian, Nicolas Ghesquière), and three different kinds of caviar. New York’s Jada Yuan chatted with Iman.

So, Fashion Week…
I haven’t been to a show since 1989.

You have your own makeup line. How are you coping with the makeup ban on airplanes?

In a way, it’s good for business. If they can’t travel with their makeup, when they go to their destination, they have to buy some more. But it’s no good for women. If you don’t let us bring lipstick, you must at least provide it for us when we get off the plane.

How do you feel about Mary-Kate Olsen wearing fur tonight?

I have no problem with fur. They said that on the set of that movie Snakes on a Plane, some snakes were hurt. Everything is an issue. You can’t worry about that.

Who would you like to make over?

Courtney Love. I think she has the most beautiful plastic face.

Iman Sees Future in Plastics