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Nick Cannon Likes Models, Booze, and Free Toasters

Nick Cannon discovers he’s fabulous at the Moët Lounge.Photograph by Patrick McMullan

You’d think Fashion Week crowds are all girls and gays — and, well, you’d be mostly right. But just mostly. Some straight guys show up to see the collections — including Nick Cannon, the decidedly hetero 25-year-old rapper-actor-comedian, whom we first spotted chilling in Lil’ Kim’s booth with Brian Grazer at the Marc Jacobs after-party. We saw him again Wednesday night at the Moët Lounge in the tents and got to the bottom of why he was there: women and booze.

So what brings a straight guy out for Fashion Week?

The thing I love about Fashion Week is the models. The models and Moët. Together they are a great combination.

Have you gotten anywhere with any of the models?

[laughs] What do you mean gotten anywhere? Do you mean third base? [pause] Yes! [laughs] Yes!

Have you ever sneaked into a show?

Yeah, Marc Jacobs this year. It was cool, though, because they show love. When you come unannounced, they still find you a seat. I guess that’s when you know you’re real fabulous — when you don’t RSVP and just show up like, “Yo, I want to see what’s going down,” and they let you in.

Will you ever design your own line?

I have a line! It’s called PNB Nation. It’s a line that was actually started in New York in the early nineties by this graffiti artist, and I purchased it and I’m taking it nationwide. My store on Melrose Avenue [in Los Angeles] opens on October 10, which is also my birthday. And my new single is called “It’s Your Birthday.” Good thinking, right?

How very Beyoncé of you. What fashion trend can you take credit for starting?

The fat gold chain. Let them know who brought it back. I’ve been wearing it for ages. People ask, “Why you got this big gold chain all the time?” And then you watch the VMAs and everyone was wearing one. Gold’s value appreciated so much in the last few months that now I feel really smart. I’m wearing my wealth around my neck.

What trend are you most embarrassed you rocked?

Hammer pants. And the little baggy pants with the shiny suits. Hush Puppies. I did the Hush Puppies. I had every color.

You’re here at the Moët lounge. Do you suffer from swag guilt?

No, I love it. Free swag is the best. I really like when they give me kitchen products, like toasters and blenders and juicers and coffee makers. I’ll never buy that stuff.

What do you like least about Fashion Week?

That it’s over too fast. More models and more weeks is what we need.

Shira Levine

Nick Cannon Likes Models, Booze, and Free Toasters