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Tripping the Runway Fantastic

A model takes a spill at Proenza Schouler.Photograph by FirstView

We spent the first few days of Fashion Week giddily anticipating our first glimpse of Anna Wintour. We fielded several phone calls from home asking if we’d seen The Bobbed One yet. But the answer was always a downtrodden “no.” Until today. Finally, thanks to the Proenza Schouler boys, the Wintour of our discontent is over and we can start to feel whole again.

We thought the revelation of La Wintour would be the day’s most dramatic event. But we were wrong. Divatastically wrong.

Moments before the show began, and well after Anna took her spot next to daughter Bee Shaffer, none other than Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham swept to a front-row seat in a very narrow, tangerine blur. We loved the tartan pencil skirt and dominatrix gloves, but Posh, step away from the tanner. She’s so orange you could squeeze her and make a mimosa.

Joining Posh in her grand entrance were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, looking sleek and scruffy, respectively. Dating a young dude has done more for Demi’s looks than any of her plastic surgery has. We also spotted a gaggle of socialite types, including Jessica Joffe in — gasp! — the second row.

But for once, the drama came not from the audience but from the models. It was bad enough when one of them came down the runway in the wrong direction, but then one of them actually tripped and FELL. On her FACE. The crowd gasped with horror and — let’s be honest — some Schadenfreude, and one kind soul actually jumped out of her seat to lend a hand to the splayed-out girl. Though she seemed rattled — she added sunglasses for the finale, possibly to hide red-rimmed eyes — we say, you’re not really a model until you’ve face-planted in front of a bunch of fashion editors.

The Fug Girls

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Tripping the Runway Fantastic