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At Proenza Schouler, Only the Photographers Are Rowdy

Proenza Schouler

Who will wear this at the Oscars?Photo: Getty Images

Until today, we’d never been to a show that was running so late that the models were being given their catwalk instructions as we took our seats. Unlike other shows that run behind schedule (why, hello, Marc Jacobs), Proenza Schouler started a perfectly respectable 45 minutes late.

The photography pen has grown rowdier throughout the week. On Friday, we’d get the occasional “Quiet on the set!” from one shutterbug prankster, but now they’re all yelping catcalls from the moment the lights go down until the moment the show starts. This show was the loudest we’ve ever heard, to the point that the person crouched on the floor next to us (he’d given up on fitting his body onto the super-crowded, very hard benches we were all perched on) whispered, “What’s going on over there?” We don’t know, but it certainly sounded like fun.

Enjoying the mêlée was the same clutch of socialites we’ve seen everywhere lately, with the addition of Proenza lover and Uniqlo wearer Jessica Joffe (interesting, we don’t remember her running around town wearing Banana Republic when she was their model, but maybe we just didn’t notice), headband aficionado Arden Wohl, and Helen Lee Schifter, who was there with a little girl we assume was her daughter. Joe Zee got there early with Aerin Lauder, as did Amber Valletta, who is super-popular with the paps, which makes sense, both because she’s hot and because no one else particularly interesting attended that we could see. And it’s too bad, because the boys showed some intricately beaded, flapper-style cocktail numbers that we’re pretty sure someone is going to snap up for the red carpet. Maybe everyone just decided to raid the Proenza Schouler stash at Target instead? — The Fug Girls

Fug Girls Bonus: Overheard at Proenza Schouler
As we took our seats, we heard a woman behind us coo to her seatmate, “You look gorgeous! Are you in love?” He snorted. “Absolutely not. I’m so dead inside.”

We know just how he feels.

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At Proenza Schouler, Only the Photographers Are Rowdy