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Coco Rocha Is Cold, So Cold

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha Photo: Patrick McMullan

We’re freezing. And so are the models, who we’ve seen jumping up and down and rubbing their arms vigorously backstage. Jada Yuan caught up with one of our faves, Coco Rocha, at Max Azria.

How are you?
I’m so cold. Soooo cold.

Is everyone getting sick because of the temperature?
Kind of. Yeah! The colds are starting at an earlier time. Usually we all eventually get sick.

You’re sniffling.
This is from being cold. I’m not sick, yet. [Suddenly backs away from us in fear.]

We’re safe. We promise. How are you keeping warm?
Well, I have a car. I’d rather splurge some money on that than be sick for the rest of the season.

What do you like about New York’s Fashion Week versus the European ones?
It’s the beginning, so we all see each other, and it’s kind of like a reunion. And in Paris and Milan, it’s more about fairy tale. The fashions here are just about walking down the street.

How much money can you expect to make?
Depends on who you are and if you’re in demand or not and what shows you’re doing. New York, we pretty much get trade, clothing trade, which is awesome.

Really? What are you wearing?
Anna Sui, Derek Lam, and a little something from Hong Kong.

How many shows have you walked in so far?
I had five today. Usually it’s 25 for the week.

Your feet must kill you by the end!
It’s already starting! I was just talking to someone about how my feet are hurting earlier. It’s cold. That’s why. It’s deadly, and then waiting for a taxi, if you forget your hat. Ugh! The car was such a wise choice.

Coco Rocha Is Cold, So Cold