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Even the Fug Girls Love Michael Kors

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Who’s wearing more fur, Melania or Donald?Photo: Getty Images

We’ve been looking forward to the Michael Kors show all week, if only because we’re suffering from serious Project Runway withdrawal. It seems like the rest of the world felt the same way, because his show this morning was packed to the gills with people looking to get a piece of the Kors.

The morning got off to a good start when we spotted Fergie — not that Fergie; the former Duchess of York Fergie — stroll into the tent with Robert Verdi. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman still appears to be counting her points, because she looked chic and svelte in a black skirt and blouse.

Donald Trump appeared to agree. The follicularly innovative mogul scored prime front-row real estate between Fergie and wife Melania, who was wearing the biggest, furriest hat we’ve ever seen. The Donald kept up a steady stream of chatter throughout the show, dividing his attention equally between both of his ladies. Though Fergie seemed terribly amused by his take on Kors’s chic, classic sportswear, Melania communicated primarily through nods that seemed to say, “Honey, shush. I’m picking out my fall furs now. Mommy has to concentrate.”

The rest of the front row was composed of the usual suspects. Kim Cattrall sat between Rita Moreno and Jane Krakowski. We also spotted Camilla Al-Fayed bidding Anna Wintour a sheepish but polite hello. La Wintour responded in kind, but without the sheepishness.

Camilla was far from the only socialite in the house. The Tinz made the trip, as did Aerin Lauder, Olivia Chantecaille, Lauren Bush, and — we think — last year’s Girl About Town Jessica Joffe (we saw her name on a front-row seat, and we think we saw the top of her head, but couldn’t really be bothered to make sure).

Also spotted: Rachel Zoe, the woman we can’t stop being mean to, even though we’ve seriously tried. Her seat was marked Rachel Zoe Rosensweig, the given name she’s dropped. Guess Kors wanted to do it up old-school, which also applied to his runway walk at the end of the show. Unlike so many designers who just shyly stick their heads out and wave bashfully, Kors strutted his stuff down the entire runway to the tune of “Groove Is in the Heart.” When the music cut out before he was done with his promenade, he just shrugged and gaily threw up his hands. Judging from the ovation he got, we’re not the only ones who find him rather delightful.— The Fug Girls

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Even the Fug Girls Love Michael Kors