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Nobody Ties a Bow Like Gilles Mendel


Fabiola at Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti.Photo: Patrick McMullan

In the Tuesday installment of her Fashion Week diary — coming soon: Wednesday! — socialite and CIRCA creative director Fabiola Beracasa hobnobs with Japanese magazines, Trip Gabriel, Carlos Mota, and the ever-present Derek Blasberg.

9:30 a.m. Met with my makeup artist Alexa at my home. She does her thing, and then at 11 a.m. I ran to the J.Mendel showroom to pick out a look for the show on Thursday. The Japanese magazine Glamorous came along to shoot me for their fashion story.

At J.Mendel, the lovely Jessica Nigel already had some looks picked out for me. I tried a few things on and made sure the photog didn’t get me as I’m changing! I decided on an ivory coat dress, when suddenly Gilles Mendel walked in, greeted me with a big hug and said, “No, no, no, you cannot wear it like that — it must be worn with a belt!” He ran away and came back with a roll of grosgrain ribbon which he effortlessly tied around my waist and in the most beautiful bow at the back … and pouf! Then he is off again back to his collection. Later, after I had taken the ribbon off, Glamorous wanted to shoot the look on me. But no one could tie the bow as beautifully as Gilles did. It was very funny because everyone tried!

1 p.m. I went back to CIRCA where we were shooting new company headshots. Good thing I already had my makeup done.

4 p.m. I picked up Derek Blasberg and went over to the Behnaz Sarafpour show. As I sat down, I saw Trip Gabriel. Something about him always puts me in a good mood. I talked to him until the show was about to begin. Then I sat down next to Zani, who is sporting some new hot bangs. I think they look great. The show was very elegant. I especially liked the velvet dress at the end — that was a showstopper! Then I found Derek, and we ran to the car. It was so cold, I felt my ears may fall off.

5 p.m. Doo.Ri at the tents. I sat next to Kate Betts (who has read my blog!), and we chatted about Paris, since we had both been there for couture. The show was really wonderful again — lots of black and navy and the dresses flowed so well on the body. I was enchanted by the sequined gloves, both long and short. I will be getting a pair of those and some of the Über-cool dresses to boot!

6 p.m. Went to the Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti presentation with Derek, where I saw two of my old colleagues, Grace Cha and Beth Holmen (we used to work at Dior together). It was such a treat to catch up with them, but as they both work at Alberta Ferretti they couldn’t talk long. I congratulated Mrs. Ferretti on the collection, and then Derek and I were off.

7 p.m. We got a drink at Balthazar, where the maître ‘d said we needed to wait an hour. Then suddenly another man recognized Derek and me and offered us our choice of three tables. Double standard, or what?

9 p.m. I went to dinner with my boyfriend, Jason, at our friend Carlos Mota’s home. He was hosting a dinner in honor of Rena Sindi, who is a longtime friend of mine. I ran into Carlos Souza and Nadine Johnson in the doorway; inside, I talked to Caroline Berthet from Jimmy Choo and Ann Duong. Camilla Al-Fayed arrived fifteen minutes after us, and we spoke to her and Astrid Muñoz until we left an hour later. Carlos really knows how to throw a FAB party. The vibe was great, and the crowd was perfection.

11 p.m. Home to blog and then bed. Can’t see straight!

Nobody Ties a Bow Like Gilles Mendel