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Richie Rich Pays Respects to Tommy Hilfiger

Richie Rich and Tommy Hilfiger

Richie Rich and Tommy HilfigerPhoto: Wire Image

Who would have though that the celeb faction would come out at the eleventh hour, and to see Tommy Hilfiger, no less? And yet the Friday-evening show at the Hammerstein Ballroom was comparatively packed with a mixed bunch of familiar faces. We spied pop star Cassie; Las Vegas star and Cover Girl Molly Sims (who looked lovely but thin in a tightly cinched navy trench) gabbing with Rachel Roy and Damon Dash; model Natalia Vodianova; Playboy Playmate Victoria Silvstedt; and one of this week’s Former Destiny’s Child Members About Town, Michelle Williams, whom we overheard telling a reporter that she has been a fan of Hilfiger’s for years, and that he had always been a big Destiny’s Child supporter. We can totally see Hilfiger rocking out to “Bootylicious.”

Speaking of rocking out, Heatherette designer Richie Rich was also present and having the best time of anyone there. First, he hung out in the fourth row with Mickey Boardman for a while, then he socialized with a young girl we were told was named Kat, who allegedly has an album coming out through Andy Hilfiger’s label. We’ve never heard of her, nor did we know the Hilfigers had a label. Never let it be said ogling people in the front row hasn’t taught us anything. Eventually, Richie drifted across the ballroom to stand in a box (you know, like a box at the opera, not an actual cardboard box), where he spent the show singing and dancing along to the mash-up of classic tunes from the likes of the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel, as well as cheerfully offering his box mates some gum.

On the continued subject of rocking, we also spied Marky Ramone, although we must admit that we had a long moment where we mistook him for Alice Cooper. If he gets tired being asked about Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Marky can easily just start claiming to be Alice Cooper, which, frankly, we think would be sort of awesome. Especially if it led to a trend where the Alice Cooper mantle was passed down through the ages to a host of different impersonators, so that he might be with us always.

The show also delivered by giving us something we can honestly say we’ve never seen before: a faux-pas, or nearly, by none other than Anna Wintour herself. We know La Wintour prefers to make a swift and unobstructed exit from the shows, dashing out as soon as humanly possible after the designer takes his bow. Tonight, however, she was so ready to go (maybe a bad sign for her opinion of the clothes) that she popped up before Hilfiger stuck his head out from behind the curtains and had to be pulled back down by her companion. And we’re not completely certain here, but we’re pretty sure we saw her burst out laughing. She is human, after all.

Which is kind of a great way for us to end Fashion Week. —The Fug Girls

Richie Rich Pays Respects to Tommy Hilfiger