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Gemma Ward Has Done Her Share of Fashion Weeks

Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward is so out of here.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Gemma Ward, the most fawnlike of supermodels, is skipping New York’s Fashion Week to film The Black Balloon in Australia. Before she left, Gemma talked to New York’s Jada Yuan at the Cinema Society screening of the Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl.

What’s the movie about?
It’s kind of a love story. It’s about me and this boy, and he has an autistic brother, so it’s about how he deals with the autistic brother and his family. It’s not my first film. I did a small role with Liv Tyler in a horror movie called The Strangers.

Will you be doing any runway this season?
I’m doing Paris Fashion Week. I have to say, I’ve done my fair share of Fashion Weeks, but I am going to miss all my friends, because we always have so much fun, especially in New York.

Why do you have more fun here than at the couture shows?
Well, I live here, so I know it better. And all my friends are here. And all the Australians come over, all the editors from Australian Vogue and everyone I know from working there. We all kind of converge. It’s just more social. Paris is pretty social as well, but there are lots of great parties in New York, and we all know where to go for lunches and stuff. In Milan we don’t know where to go, so you end up staying in.

Do you end up partying even after the after-parties?
No, no, no. I could never wake up and work if I did that.

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Gemma Ward Has Done Her Share of Fashion Weeks