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Jeffrey Sebelia: Tim, Stop Wearing Banana Republic!

Jeffrey Sebelia

Jeffrey Sebelia and his neck at Vera Wang.Photo:Getty Images

As the Fug Girls pointed out, Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia was the first on his feet at the end of Vera Wang’s fashion show. Jada Yuan caught him as he headed out the door.

Are you in town seeing other shows?
This is it.

Why just Vera?
Because I love what she does. It was a beautiful show. It was just deliciously soft. It was so sort of edgy and dark. I like her direction.

What have you been up to since the end of Project Runway?
Selling my Cosa Nostra men’s and women’s lines and doing really well.

Has interest in the line increased since you won the big prize?
More people are looking. And the thing is, at the end of the day, stores aren’t going to order what they don’t like. But it’s given me the opportunity now to show my line to a lot of stores and they’re loving it. So it feels good.

What happened with the rumor you were going to move New York?
I’m still going to move to New York and take an apartment here. It’s an apartment my girlfriend has been subletting.

I saw your model Marilinda backstage at Rock & Republic. Have you seen her yet?
Oh, cool! No. I’ve talked to her a couple times. Actually was going to have dinner with she and her boyfriend, but I worked until midnight last night. I try to make plans and then I have to work.

Are you still using her as a model?
I did a shoot with her. She shot a couple things for my spring line. We have a mutual friend who is a photographer, and I’ll shoot her again for the fall line.

Will we see you again on Project Runway?
I hope so. They haven’t asked me. But the way it goes, a week before the next season’s auditions, they’ll probably call me and say, “Hey, wanna come be a judge?”

Are you and Tim Gunn on good terms? Jay McCarroll still has beef with him.
I’m working on trying to get a beef with Tim Gunn. Even if Tim Gunn makes me angry, I mean, who cares? Tim is a strange bird. I think Jay’s got beef with lots of people.

Has Tim ever made you mad?
No. I was just kidding. Trying to have beef. It’s not going to happen. It would be great to be mad at Tim. [Laughs.] He probably wouldn’t care.

Having gone through Project Runway, how would you design a challenge?
Dress Tim Gunn. A bunch of womenswear designers making a men’s suit. Something other than … okay, if I do have a beef with Tim, it’s this: He always wears Banana Republic suits. You know what I mean? That guy’s got a responsibility now. People are looking to him for fashion-forward sense. Thom Browne would look great on him. A polka-dot Thom Browne suit would be hot

Advice for the new designers who will be on the show?
Just don’t be scared of anything. Fuck it.

Is your kid showing signs of becoming a designer?

No, he’s a drummer. And he’s 2.

Jeffrey Sebelia: Tim, Stop Wearing Banana Republic!