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Max Azria Designs Maternity Chic


Kelly Rowland and John LegendPhoto: Getty Images

We finally found the celebrities. Or at least knew where some of them were for twenty minutes yesterday at BCBG Max Azria.

While prowling the front row pre-show in an attempt to see which starlet would be feeling our wrath this evening, we noticed that Katharine McPhee was scheduled to appear. The American Idol runner-up didn’t make it, possibly because it was too stressful to make the trip from TRL — where she made an appearance this afternoon wearing casual jeans and some top that we don’t remember — to the tents, where, we assume, she’d have to wear something a bit higher-flying, possibly necessitating a change in the Town Car. That sounds like a lot of work.

Max Azria won the war between fashion and weather, bringing out singer John Legend, who always looks sharp; actresses Amber Tamblyn who looked refreshingly normal-sized but unpleasantly blonde, and Melissa George, wearing what appeared to be a bathrobe; and starlet Melissa Sagemiller. We don’t really know who she is either, but she gets a mention for looking so fab in a short white dress. There was a giant mess of socialites, including Tinsley Mortimer recycling her Rock & Republic ponytail; and reuniting Kelly Rowland with her former Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams for what looked like a long, friendly chat.

The show started with MIKA’S “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful),” the lyrics of which salute ladies who are considerably more ample than the models were — a nod to the skinny-model controversy that was either amusingly tongue-in-cheek or kinda douche-y and sarcastic, depending on whom you ask. Of course, it may have just been a hint about the sort of clothes we were about to see: a series of waistless tent-y things that are probably comfortable but hard to pull off without looking like the baby is due in the next couple of months. In fact, we’re thinking about floating the rumor that all the celebrities present have a bun in the oven and are in the market for chic maternity gear.

Okay, except John Legend. He’s talented and all, but we’re pretty sure he hasn’t figured out how to impregnate himself.

Fug Girls Bonus: Overheard at the Tents
Waiting to get into a show today, we struck up a conversation with one of the security guards, asking him if he’d seen any good celebrities so far. “Barbara Walters,” he told us. “I told her she looked more beautiful than ever, and she gave me a huge smile. I think she wanted to take me home with her.” We can see the cover of Star magazine now: “Baba Wawa Runs Off With Bryant Park Hunk.” As for us, we wish the happy couple well.

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Max Azria Designs Maternity Chic