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Miss. J. Gets Inspired at Badgley Mischka

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is not as bitter as Amber Tamblyn, yet.Photo: Getty Images

Because it is the custom of celebrities to come pouring into a show just before it begins, it was weird to see Giada de Laurentiis squeezing past us to get out of the tent before the lights went down at Badgley Mischka. Maybe she realized that she’d left the oven on?

Among people who didn’t flee the scene to make sure they hadn’t burned down their condos: Budding fashionista Rachel Bilson, who gabbed with Amber Tamblyn before and sometimes during the show. Tamblyn was rapt and perky for someone who considers Fashion Week to be such a slog. We’re beginning to wonder if maybe she was just cranky the other day when she dissed it, or if she’s actually been drinking the Kool-Aid.

Aisha Tyler was on Bilson’s other side, but she spent most of her time chattering to America’s Next Top Model judge and runway coach Miss J. Alexander, presumably comparing notes on the experience of being tall girls in tall shoes. Miss J. attended the show with a vaguely familiar-looking blonde whom a cameraman told us is Erica Jayne, “a recording artist and J. Alexander’s new muse.” We’d like to know who his old muse was — Janice? Tyra? Sharon Stone? — and what he’s got going on that requires one. Perhaps Jayne’s somewhat blank gaze is the only thing that inspires him to show up to work with the great posture he so ardently preaches. Or maybe he’s actually about to release an album, which would delight our snarky souls. If he covers Z.Z. Top’s “Legs” and dedicates it to his own famous gams, we might even buy it. —The Fug Girls

Watch a slideshow of the Badgley Mischka collection.

Miss. J. Gets Inspired at Badgley Mischka