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Ten Things We Liked on Tuesday


From left, Rodarte, Doo.Ri, Narciso Rodriguez.Photos: imaxtree.com

  • 1. The trouser trend. It marches on, and we’re thrilled.

  • 2. Derek Lam’s newly slick vibe, expressed in exposed zippers, stovepipe trousers, and a super-chic, minimalist palette.

  • 3. Also: props to the model who lost a heel and kept right on going, on one shoe and one tippy-toe. She barely missed a beat.

  • 5. And seeing Deena Abdulaziz, former Look Booker, sitting in Behnaz’s front row.

  • 6. Doo.ri’s heeled stockings. They reminded us of the late Nan Kempner, who once gamely broke a hip trying to wear something similar.

  • 7. Rodarte’s ambition. Though many of the dresses were a bit overwrought — so many ruffles and baubles and tricks — we love that the Mulleavy sisters are not afraid to push limits, proportions and silhouettes.

  • 8. Also: the vibe at their show, which was intimate, quiet, tame. This show wasn’t about celebrities and flash: it was about the clothes.

Ten Things We Liked on Tuesday