harriet and amy

Five Things We Liked on Saturday

From left, Ralph Lauren, Temperley, Rodarte.Getty Images, imaxtree.com (2)

  • 1. Ralph Lauren’s longevity. It’s his anniversary, and he showed in a setting — the Conservatory gardens — that salutes his swishy and elegant take on New York. As for a favorite dress, the white Spencer jacket over the white chiffon evening gown was stunning.

  • 2. The sexy, short, and sleeveless black cocktail dresses at Ralph Lauren.

  • 3. The neon lips and metallics at Temperley.

  • 4. Twinkle’s charm and disk necklaces.

  • 5. The sleeveless blue tunic, worn atop a pleated skirt — à la naughty schoolgirl — at Rodarte. Worn with stilettos with aggressive spikes and zippers, it’s the perfect anecdote for the froth up top.

Five Things We Liked on Saturday