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Anna Sui on Her New Collection’s Wacky Influences


Anna Sui could be home right now.Photo: WireImage

As Anna Sui walked among the period-outfitted mannequins at her retrospective at Macy’s, she reminded us that she hasn’t forgotten her roots. “The first [show] was the scariest,” Sui recalled. “It was the time of Versace, Chanel, Gucci, the power suit, the supermodels!” That’s when little Anna ran her whole operation out of her tiny East Village apartment.

Don’t think that her half-billion-dollar empire has changed anything. Rather than being influenced by Rothkos or summer jaunts to the Far East, Sui’s new collection is really about long nights on the couch (though presumably not in that same apartment). “I’ve been watching a lot of old movies with my parents, a lot of old musicals … so expect to see that in the collection.” We should also expect White Stripes–influenced folk flamenco for the soundtrack — though sadly, no Karen Elson as lead model. “She just had her baby,” Sui sighed. “So who knows? It’s all up in the air.” —Xiyin Tang

Anna Sui on Her New Collection’s Wacky Influences