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Baby Kingston Too Fugging Cute at L.A.M.B.


Even rock progeny need to protect their little ears.Photo: AP

At Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. show, both of our fondest wishes came true: The clothes were totally fun, and little Kingston — all blinged out in what appeared to be bedazzled jeans, like the biggest badass in the sandbox — made an appearance, bouncing on dad Gavin Rossdale’s lap in the front row.

Seriously, there’s nothing quite like hearing a crowd of jaded fashionistas fail to contain their baby glee. The instant Mr. Stefani sidled out from backstage with his son, a semi-muffled “awww” filled the air, the entire room struggling to maintain its collective poker face. Even rapper Eve couldn’t restrain herself from tickling him and cooing. She sported a flattering blonde bob and tailored pants that, we presume, covered her alcohol-monitoring anklet. To which we say: Relax, lady. It’s too hot to run around in pants all the time. Take a page from Michelle Rodriguez, who wore hers — complete with crudely taped message atop it, which is of course optional — with a cocktail dress to the Marc Jacobs show in February.

Mo’ money, mo’ hair-pulling.Photo: Getty Images

While Eve took her seat near flame-haired rocker Shirley Manson from Garbage, Kingston decided that he simply must have a fistful of Sean Combs’s hair. To his credit, a surprised Diddy played along, even letting Kingston gnaw on his finger for a second and trying to shake his hand before leaning forward and making it clear that it was now time to refrain from disturbing The Sexy. Gavin expertly steered his boy away to play with Boris Becker, whose hugely random presence elicited the most cries of, “Who’s THAT dude?” from the mob around us. And indeed, though we may have wanted to marry him when we were 7, we still can’t figure out how he got to chummy enough with Clan Stefani (he plays tennis, she likes tennis bracelets?) that he forsook U.S. Open action in favor of watching sequined cocktail dresses prance down the catwalk.

Sophia Bush made the most of it, though, borrowing a pen from a security guard so she could take notes on the collection. Hopefully she also jotted down a memo to herself never to wear velvet high-rise booty shorts ever again, because even her perfect figure took a beating from those furry demons. While she scribbled, Manson gamely snapped pics of every outfit that came past her, as well as taking a few for fans seated two rows behind her. To her right, Carrie Underwood gossiped at length pre-show with soap star Leven Rambin, who made the rounds today (and she’s playing uncannily similar-looking half-sisters on All My Children right now, so how she found the time to hit any shows at all is beyond us). Leven filled in Ashlee Simpson’s empty seat, because apparently two hours without Pete Wentz on her arm is two too many for Ash. It’s Ashlee’s loss, though — not only do we suspect that she could rock Gwen’s shiny retro frocks, she also missed Fashion Week’s most covetable infant. We suspect that next fall, everyone will be sporting a kid with a faux-hawk. Order yours now.

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Baby Kingston Too Fugging Cute at L.A.M.B.