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Candace Bushnell Looks Fugging Exhausted

Karen Duffy and Sleepy McTiredpants.Photo: LAN/Retna

Cynthia Rowley’s press kit listed an “Arden halo” as one of her models’ accessories, so we were surprised to see self-proclaimed reluctant socialite Arden Wohl in the front row of Rowley’s show wearing her signature headband up on her hair instead of resting on her forehead. We presume she finally realized that in hot weather, you can get some wicked zits when your signature look suffocates your T-zone.

Early arrivals Wohl and Lisa Edelstein from House were soon joined by a radiant Karen Duffy and a frankly sort-of-tired-looking Candace Bushnell. Actress Callie Thorne of The Wire seemed almost lost amid the hubbub around them. It got moderately crazier when the photogs decided they needed snaps of musician Kat De Luna, who was wearing a shiny lamé dress paired with gold shoes, and therefore vaguely resembled a sun reflector.

We’re blaming De Luna for blinding us and therefore rendering us incapable of telling whether that rather bedraggled-looking blonde we spotted hiding up in the Gotham Hall balcony was Sienna Miller. If, in fact, it was faux-Edie herself, girlfriend needs her beauty sleep — no wonder she was avoiding the cameras. If it was just some random Sienna-esque woman: Sorry, lady. We’re tired, too.

On the other hand, soap star/Fashion Week fixture Leven Rambin looked totally refreshed when we talked to her after the show. Friendly and well spoken, she told us all about last night’s Fashion Rocks show, where she, Lydia Hearst, and Michelle Trachtenberg had to crouch in the aisle — “In front of all the Vogue editors!” — during Alicia Keys’s performance. Turns out, some wily seat-fillers hadn’t gotten up in time to make the swap. Leven didn’t seem irked in the least by this, and also took the time to answer our burning questions about how she has time to show-hop while playing dual roles: Turns out All My Children thought she needed a restorative — and well-timed, apparently — week off. Lucky her. Our time off usually involves paying bills and mopping. —The Fug Girls

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Candace Bushnell Looks Fugging Exhausted