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Dan Castle Ain’t Having Tara Reid


Nina Garcia and Tinsley’s hair.Photo: Getty Images

“I always get asked questions of what to buy, what to wear,” Elle fashion director Nina Garcia told us, explaining what inspired her to write The Little Black Book of Style at the manual’s launch party at Socialista last night. Okay, then — what contemporary Hollywood starlet most desperately needs her advice? Garcia wouldn’t tell us, but Dan Castle was happy to oblige. “Britney Spears,” he said, not afraid to state the obvious. “She was wearing Castle Starr in every magazine about four months ago, and I was very embarrassed. I told all the weeklies not to mention it was my brand. Tara Reid called the other week and asked if she could borrow a dress for an event and we said no. We didn’t even hesitate.”

Tinsley Mortimer, for one, acknowledged the importance of projecting the proper image. “I’m not that good at dressing down, I like to dress up,” she told us, looking classy in a dark, backless dress. “And I’m still stuck on these curls in my hair,” she added, stroking a golden lock. “That’s what makes me feel like me. When am I going to stop doing the curl? I don’t know!” Said Michael Kors: “Style’s more than clothes. It’s how you live. It’s how you walk.” In the end, however, all the style in New York — and even complimentary cocktails — could not make this crowd dance well. —Andrea Fjeld

Dan Castle Ain’t Having Tara Reid