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David Byrne, Agyness Deyn, and the Fug Girls Take Up Fashion Cycling

weisz and marguiles

Julianna Marguiles and Rachel Weisz aren’t on
the cycling bandwagon—yet.Photo: Getty Images

You’d think celebrities would be used to the ring of intense photographers who surround the front row at fashion shows by now. Apparently not: At Narciso Rodriguez, former Talking Heads lead singer David Byrne faced down those intimidating lenses by snapping his own pics with a small digital camera.

Byrne also toted a yellow bike helmet. Later, as we were leaving, we stumbled across photographers snagging shots of Agyness Deyn (who walked in the show) hopping on her bike. We love the idea that the singer and the model both cycled to and from the venue. If only everyone came and went that way; we’d give up Diet Coke for ten years to see Anna and her Bob of Doom pedaling gracefully uptown on a Schwinn.

Inside the mercifully air-conditioned room, Ivanka Trump once again looked as cool as can be in white, with a very cute Jared Kushner at her side. When Vogue’s Meredith Melling-Burke approached them with a boy who toted a basket of for-charity T-shirts, Kushner politely shelled out for one. Frankly, that’s a great way to get some action from a socially conscious babe. Well played, sir. Well played.

The biggest buzz of the night occurred when the gorgeous Rachel Weisz arrived with fiancé and baby daddy Darren Aronofsky in tow. Well, we’re pretty sure it was him. In February, she had a grubby dude in an orange sweater at her side, and we thought to ourselves, That can’t be him. Color us wrong. So this time when a guy in a ratty hat followed her inside, we knew better than to assume he was a homeless mercy project.

Weisz beamed alongside Aronofksy and very pregnant actress Juliana Marguiles, who clasped hands lovingly with her own (extremely cute) fiancé. She glowed so hard that we found it sort of sweet — we have hearts! — and at the end of the show, she gleefully announced, “I loved it all! Hopefully, by the time it hits stores, I’ll be able to fit into it!” You’ve got almost a year, lady. We think you’ll be okay.—The Fug Girls

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David Byrne, Agyness Deyn, and the Fug Girls Take Up Fashion Cycling