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Demi Brings Her Ashton for Your Pleasure

“Mommy, it tickles!”Photos: Getty Images

As far as celebrity sightings go, the Diesel show was shaping up to be pretty dim. Things were running 30 minutes late, and nearly everyone had taken his seat, but all the photographers and camera folk were arranged in a phalanx on the runway, each of them hopefully gazing into the distance. They were clearly waiting for an apparition, and they stood in this anticipatory formation for at least ten minutes. We began to wonder who could possibly be important enough to require such special treatment. Madonna? Vice-President Dick Cheney? Perhaps Jesus Himself? Or would it be someone totally anticlimactic, someone we’d already seen multiple times? Like, say, Demi Moore?

Why, yes! Yes, it was! Hello, old friend! But wait — this time Demi had pretty boy-toy husband Ashton Kutcher in tow. The Kutcher-Moores swept into the tent, bravely withstood the terrible imposition of a few photographs, and finally took their seats in the middle of the front row between omnipresent snore Natasha Bedingfield and 24 actor Eric Balfour (who was wearing a rather unseasonal stocking cap. Bad hair days know no social hierarchy).

But although they had the best seats in the house, Demi and Ashton didn’t pay a ton of attention to the show. She was too busy loving up her man — holding his arm, patting his hand, rubbing his stomach — and he spent much of the show pleasantly chatting with Balfour, at one point sharing a laugh over the neon-green Speedo on a male model. At one point, Demi and Ashton had a brief conversation, during which he made international “crazy” signal of twirling his finger around his ear. We’re not sure if he was calling her crazy, silently trying to escape from Balfour, or indicting his take on the clothes, but whatever it was, she sure seemed to like it. —The Fug Girls

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Demi Brings Her Ashton for Your Pleasure