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Designers Relax by Not Reading and Not Seeing Movies


Cynthia Rowley could read us a bedtime story.Photo: Getty Images

Designers may not read the papers or see movies, but they do party. We bumped into (review) nonreaders Cynthia Rowley and Tommy Hilfiger in the Soho Grand Penthouse last night at the after-party for the Eastern Promises movie screening, which they both missed. Rowley, who showed on Friday, told us about her Fashion Week “detox,” which included ignoring reviews and going to a child’s birthday party — “totally anti–Fashion Week” — and then to Montauk, where she “surfed it all out” of her system. (This meant missing her friends’ shows over the weekend, which she usually attends.) And why did she miss the screening? She went to two other parties, made Angela Kinsey’s Emmy dress to FedEx to L.A., and read her kid a bedtime story.

Tommy Hilfiger, meanwhile, missed the screening because he had to finish the lighting and music for his show and see Jennifer Lopez’s, which he called “cute, really cute.” Does she wear a lot of Tommy? “Just jeans.” Hilfiger told us he hasn’t read any articles about Fashion Week or seen any other collections. “It may be very selfish, but I’m so focused on my own — because there’s so much work to put your own show together, I haven’t had time to pay attention to anyone else’s.” Tomorrow he goes Cabo. —Amy Odell

Designers Relax by Not Reading and Not Seeing Movies