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Fashion Bloggers Covet With the Best of ‘Em

Leslie Price wants you to buy her a belt. Now.Photo: Pete Jelliffe

We know what the retailers are loving. And we know what the critics are digging. But what are Fashion Week’s unsung heroes — those buzzy fashion bloggers, whose blood, sweat, and tears are flecked across your monitor — going for?

Thanks to our nifty tool that allows you to keep track of your favorite runway looks, tents-happy bloggers can keep fashion albums filled with their must-haves. See what Leslie Price from is coveting (hint: belts are big on her wish list, followed by the
perfect dress); or check out the album from Aaron Bernstein, a.k.a. the Shophound, which is filled with a variety of looks, from TSE’s simple dresses to Perry Ellis’s wearable white pants. NB to these bloggers’ potential suitors: Start prepping your credit card now.

View Leslie’s Belt album.
View Leslie’s Perfect Dress album.
View Aaron’s album.
Or start your own. Gotta keep organized somehow!

Fashion Bloggers Covet With the Best of ‘Em