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Fashion Week Eats Its Young


Maria Sharapova sits next to a man who’s taller
than her.Photo: Getty Images

We feel really bad for Taylor Momsen. The 14-year-old Gossip Girl star arrived at Peter Som too late for any photo ops and had to be ushered to a seat after the show had already started. Kitted out in a cocktail dress that made her look about fifteen years older — albeit extremely pretty — the poor girl seemed shell-shocked for the rest of the show. We feel you, kid: Fashion Week can be overwhelming even after you’ve graduated from high school.

It’s unfortunate that Taylor’s tardiness got her stuck at the edge of the photographers’ pit, because at the other end of the runway was another blonde who could teach her a thing or two about composure: Tinsley Mortimer, making her first appearance at a daytime show this week. The photogs swarmed like bees to a hive, and she seemed pleased to be back in the spotlight — and if she wasn’t, we’ll never know.

Also present: seemingly everyone at Vogue, including Anna and André Leon Talley (looking resplendently summery in a khaki suit), who were seated next to Maria Sharapova; Carine Roitfeld with Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (who designed Som’s invitations); a random sprinkling of socialites; and a number of children, one of whom scored a goody bag from Times photographer Bill Cunningham.

But the child most in need of kindly gestures after the show was Momsen, who we spotted standing forlornly on the runway, looking like a kid whose carpool has forgotten her. We just hope she’s not still there. —The Fug Girls

Watch a slideshow of the Peter Som collection.

Fashion Week Eats Its Young