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The Best Fashion Week Invites: Passports Are In This Year

Every Fashion Week, a few designers put a little extra effort into the design for their show invitations. Now that we’ve almost finished sorting through the mountain of invites here at Show & Talk HQ, here are six that stood out this year.

1a. Apparently, passports are in this year, because both Baby Phat and Phillip Lim went with the theme. But if you look closely — or at all, really — a few telltale distinguishing features emerge. Kimora’s passport comes in a little purse and, in typically understated style, there’s a cat logo on the outside, ringed by the words “Sealed by the First Lady of Hip-Hop.” On the inside, there’s a glamour shot and, under Nationality, the words “United State of Baby Phat.”

1b. Lim, on the other hand, goes cute, putting a smiley face with a red kiss where the photo should be.


2. Even cuter than Lim is Betsey Johnson, who covers her card invite in what appear to be real photos of Betsey at her prom night, circa 1958. And guess what? She and her partner Jim Fesko were crowned prom prince and princess, natch. Extra marks for including a pink Betsey Johnson Prom Queen balloon.

3. We’ve seen metallic invites before, but there’s something particularly appropriate about using one for a party celebrating the 25th anniversary of Calvin Klein underwear, especially when it’s also the launch of Calvin Klein Steel underwear, which we hope is not actually made of steel. Very butch.

4. Okay, we don’t particularly love the invite for Peter Som’s show. But look, down in the bottom right corner: The design is credited to Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. Bonus points for star power.

5. Finally, there’s this fold-out poster for the Andrew Buckler show. We’re not quite sure what’s going on here — seems to be a sixties-style psychedelic typeface crossed with Soviet-era propaganda images of tanks and guns. Make love and war, baby!

The Best Fashion Week Invites: Passports Are In This Year