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Someone Acts Like a Fugging Baby at Hilfiger

Emmy Rossum has no idea where she is.Photo: Getty Images

Just for fun, let’s try a blind item for you gossip aficionados. Which ubiquitous, young(ish) singer didn’t get seated with the other cool kids at Tommy Hilfiger’s show and spent the entire production pulling a completely petulant bitchface?

Lucky for you, we love you too much to leave you hanging. It was Mya, who, to be fair, was so precariously crammed onto the end of her front-row bleacher that she probably had to concentrate pretty hard on not slipping off and falling on her ass. She made no effort to hide her irritation at this snub and spent the whole show pulling every face in the book (except a decent poker face). Considering the fact that she was also seated in Siberia at JustSweet last night, we suspect she may be considering firing her press rep.

As Mya appeared to watch the show only grudgingly, plenty of other famous faces were seated in equally squished quarters, yet magically managed to be in better moods. Those who seemed happy to be there included Michelle Rodriguez, cheery despite (or perhaps because of) a sheer white shirt that gave us an unobstructed view of her bra (and thank God she wore one); Rosario Dawson, looking great even though she was sporting a random stain on the back of her dress; Diane Kruger, lovely in yellow but tragically sans Joshua Jackson, which would have been the perfect hot-dude conclusion to our Spring 2008 Fashion Week Hormone Parade; Emmy Rossum, who continued her trend of wearing color, this time a little red number; and Serena Williams, whose chic bob we think suits her better than long locks. We were surprised to hear that someone whose profession involves doing cardio all day would be exhausted by the process of getting dressed, but she managed a casual outfit that worked just fine — jeans, a fab trench coat, wedges, and the most random accessory of all: last season’s America’s Next Top Model contestant Whitney, who tried to look deserving of a front-row spot but ultimately had to settle for the seat behind Serena.

But Mya should really perk up. As we were leaving the Hammerstein Ballroom, a photographer — in a rush to snap pics of some random lady’s dress — practically ran over former Lost star Maggie Grace and paid her no mind at all! So until that happens to you, Mya, we’re pretty sure you can learn to tolerate the indignity of having only one buttock on a front-row bleacher during Fashion Week. —The Fug Girls

Someone Acts Like a Fugging Baby at Hilfiger