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Fugging Federer Steals the De la Renta Show

“Look at him! I mean, just look at him!”Photo: WireImage

Anyone claiming to be unmoved by the Oscar de la Renta show is a liar. No matter what your take on his clothing is, the setting — at the Third Church of Christ Science on Park Avenue — was frankly kind of spectacular. Add to that an exuberant live performance from the Polyphonic Spree (who surely could never have predicted playing for a roomful of uniformly blonde Upper East Side matrons) and a spontaneous standing ovation for U.S. Open champ and the future Mr. Wintour, Roger Federer, and you’ve got yourself a hell of a morning.

It stands to reason that Federer would elicit a more enthusiastic reaction from the Waspy tennis lovers than Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, who primarily received her adulation from the photographers’ pit. Okay, and from us, but we were very careful not to vocalize it. For those of you keeping track of these things, she is currently very blonde, very tan, not quite as scrawny as we had anticipated, and encased in a very short skirt. Sadly for us all, Posh did not end up taking a seat next to husband David Beckham, who was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he realized that the presence of two sports stars at one fashion show would violate some law of the universe, causing the world to collapse upon itself. Instead of old Golden Balls, Posh was seated next to actress Amanda Peet, who swept in and out of the show virtually unnoticed. But chin up, Amanda: It’s hard to compete with the one-two punch of one of the world’s great athletes and a Spice Girl. —The Fug Girls

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Fugging Federer Steals the De la Renta Show