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Heath Ledger’s Wild Night: ‘This Is a Party?’


Heath pre-partying Saturday at the Venice Film Fest.Photo: Getty Images

Heath Ledger: Most eligible plus-one? According to spies at the Dazed & Confused dinner at the Bowery Hotel last night, he rolled into the room with five friends, looked around, and asked the first person he saw, “Is there food?” Then he got wide-eyed: “Is that Chloë Sevigny? And Helena Christensen?” And then a lightbulb went off: “Wait, is this a party?”

We can only imagine the conversation that induced the uninvited Ledger to show up.

Friend: Dude, dinner, Bowery Hotel. Be there.

Ledger: Free food?

Friend: Crab cakes, risotto balls, all f-r-e-e!

Ledger: Fuck, yeah!
Heath Ledger’s Wild Night: ‘This Is a Party?’