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Julianne Moore Goes Fugging Blonde at Calvin

Sucks to be the woman on the far left.Photo: Getty Images

We were loitering outside Calvin Klein, doing our usual “are we in the right line?” dance along with everyone else, when things got a little exciting. Anna Wintour stopped … and looked right at us. And gestured! And then we realized that she was not, in fact, giving one of her henchmen the high sign to take us out once and for all, nor was she calling us over to tell us that she just loves our shoes — but rather that she was pulling a Vogue staffer standing near us out of line to come inside with her. We’re pretty sure our hearts will start beating again any minute now.

Inside was an actress extravaganza. We overheard Marley Shelton, very pretty in hot pink, say that Calvin Klein’s “floaty, clean” looks made her “happy,” and she certainly seemed excited to chat up her Deathproof co-star Rosario Dawson. One of us was tempted to go up to Marley and tell her that her uncle was our high-school drama teacher (true story!) but got distracted by Kate Bosworth, newly back from the Toronto Film Festival and sporting a modified (and more attractive) version of the Alien Head Hairstyle she modeled at Thakoon earlier in the week.

Kate was parked near Julianne Moore, whom we almost missed because we were on the lookout for her trademark red hair. It turns out that La Moore is now a blonde — presumably for a role — and though she’s obviously still gorgeous, she blends in a bit more with the fashion-editor-y crowd round these parts, especially in the simple black turtleneck dress she was wearing.

We also heard a rumor that “an Olsen” was at the show, but we never saw her, so we can’t tell you if it was Mary-Kate or Ashley. Although, frankly, who’s to say we would have correctly identified her anyway? We spent ten minutes pretty sure that Kevin Federline had somehow weaseled his way into the show and was seated all the way across the room from us before realizing that, thank God, it was just a doppelgänger. The world hasn’t come to an end just yet. —The Fug Girls

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Julianne Moore Goes Fugging Blonde at Calvin