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J-Vanka Love Train Chugs Through the Tents

Scion and heiress, sitting in a tree.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Here at New York, we take great pleasure in chronicling the blossoming young love between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, also known as J-Vanka. During this Fashion Week, we’re happy to report that their saga continues, albeit a bit glacially. The latest “development”: Kushner and Trump hit the tents together on Friday to see the Max Azria collection.

Pre-show, Kushner held court in the front row until Ivanka, looking lovely in a post–Labor Day white dress, breezed in. She greeted her man with the standard “Hi baby,” and a peck on the cheek. The two declined to be photographed together when asked; Kushner backed away from the lens and told the photographer, “She’s the one you want.” Aw. During the show, the two didn’t hold hands, but they did whisper to one another a few times.

In addition to working the tents together, J-Vanka has cleared another relationship milestone: He’s met her mom. That evening at the Just Cavalli store-opening party, Ivana Trump told us that she has met Jared. “Nice guy,” she said. Well, that confirms it. The families are in! Let the wheels of love keep a-turning! —Bennett Marcus

J-Vanka Love Train Chugs Through the Tents