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Kate Bosworth Looks Healthy, If Not Slightly Alien

A new twist on the Olsens.Photo: Wireimage

Dashing into the crowded yet blessedly air-conditioned lobby at the Thakoon show, we accidentally almost bowled right over Olivia Chantecaille, who probably would not have appreciated being snapped in two by a couple of L.A. girls whimpering about the humidity. (We’re delicate flowers. Let’s hope she heard our apologies.) Olivia checked in at the desk to get her seat assignment, which surprised us, since we generally assume all the honored guests of her ilk have the assignments delivered to them by flights of angels. We also assume Anna Wintour did not have to suffer the ignominy of such a hassle, as we saw her being escorted firmly by a bodyguard through the throng outside to a more private entrance at which she was far less likely to get thrown an elbow or two. God forbid — physical contact with Lady Bobbingsworth would’ve been ugly.

Once inside, Wintour was perched next to a fuchsia-clad Kate Bosworth, who we’re thrilled to say is still much healthier-looking — although somebody has got to caution her about slicking her hair back into a tight bun, as it makes her look like an alien. A very attractive, fashionable alien whose home planet has great stylists, but an alien nonetheless. Kate and Anna didn’t seem to interact, with Anna mostly talking into her cell phone and Kate fully turned, with her back to the Vogue editrix (a physical position considered to be a mortal sin in some circles), so she could gab to a friend. Our curiosity about whether they ever learned to love each other was never sated, though, because we got distracted when the friend with whom Joy Bryant had just finished talking shouted at Bryant’s retreating figure, “Oh, and I LOVED your fiancé!” This explains that rock on her finger; we didn’t even know she was engaged. Our announcement must have gotten lost in the mail.

Also in attendance: Tracee Ellis Ross, Amanda Peet, Plum Sykes, and Lauren Davis, who seemed very pleased to see Margherita Missoni — as was everyone’s favorite world-renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon, who gleefully ducked over and snapped a pic of Missoni while she was in the middle of an on-camera interview. We’re sure he wishes she’d taken off the giant retro sunglasses dominating her pretty face, and that she’d chosen a slightly less frumpy dress, but the fact that their obvious mutual affection goes beyond such details is very touching. Being highly judgmental ourselves, of course, we can’t say for sure. —The Fug Girls

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Kate Bosworth Looks Healthy, If Not Slightly Alien