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LeAnn Rimes Magically Appears at Lhuillier

Someday when we’re famous, we’ll be glow-y too.Photo: Getty Images

We finally escaped from the endless tyranny of Demi Moore and Sophia Bush and enjoyed some fresh faces at the Monique Lhuillier show: singer LeAnn Rimes and starlet Michelle Trachtenberg, each of whom was wearing the designer’s clothing — and a lot of foundation for the benefit of the cameras. That said, it’s refreshing to see child stars who have not grown up to be tremendous skanks, and we are grateful to them for all of their panty-wearing, complexion-saving good behavior.

Both girls got a peek at the collection backstage before the show and gushed about it, with Rimes noting to an E! reporter that her fondness for the designer prompted her to wear a Lhuillier to the Grammys this past year. Following in the steps of the spouses of famous women everywhere, hubby Dean Sheremet stood quietly by and made supportive faces as his cheerful wife spoke.

Trachtenberg, meanwhile, apparently endured the interminable wait for Marc Jacobs last night and cited that show and this one as favorites for their feminine, fantasy-world style.

Too bad The Tinz was a no-show to Lhuillier, then, as she’s pretty much the New York social scene’s poster child for coquettish, girlie-girl fashion. Maybe she was concerned that the rain would ruin her famous curls. Somebody get that girl some better hairspray. —The Fug Girls

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LeAnn Rimes Magically Appears at Lhuillier