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Lisa Marie Allows Her Daughter to Be Seen With Ryan Cabrera

One of these women lets Ryan Cabrera touch her; the other, Vincent Gallo. Elvis is rolling over in his grave.Photo: Getty Images

When a sullen, put-upon-seeming woman in a dress vaguely resembling that of a pirate wench skulked into the Anna Sui show, the guy next to us snarked, “Who is that person trying so hard to look miserable?” We shrugged and replied, “Oh, it’s probably Amy Lee, that sounds like something she’d do.” Turns out we named that tune. Fortunately, the Evanescence singer magically summoned the strength to smile when the cameras spied her, and the healing glow of flashbulbs rejuvenated ye ol’ wench. It was like a Prozac explosion.

That cute Leighton Meester slipped in while the cameras were focused elsewhere, and soon disappeared into the crowd with practically no fanfare. We’re not even sure she ever got a picture taken, making her the second anonymous Gossip Girl star to have her big appearance at Fashion Week tragically ignored and mismanaged. Those three leads are missing a serious chance to make a splash together. Next thing you know someone will absently ask Meester to hold their boom mike while they chat up Katie Lee Joel or something.

The last-second arrival of the afternoon was awarded to Elvis spawn Lisa Marie Presley, her eclectically dressed husband, daughter Riley Keough, and Riley’s tiresome boyfriend Ryan Cabrera — unrecognizable at first, seeing as his electroshock-therapy-esque coif was hidden under a hat. Lisa Marie is blonde enough now that at first we thought it might be Jessica Simpson; she also allowed Vincent Gallo to kiss her cheek. To his credit, Gallo seemed hugely gleeful and genial, but he still looks like a vagrant. Between Lisa Marie, apparent date Genevieve Jones at the Damien Hirst Levi’s show, and the refried Chloë Sevigny-type Gallo escorted to Sui, we’re wondering if all of these ladies have been secretly blinded — or if that studied, unhygienic look is masking some wicked pheromones. Heaven help us either way. —The Fug Girls

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Lisa Marie Allows Her Daughter to Be Seen With Ryan Cabrera