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Marc Anthony Is Undead; Harvey Weinstein Is Unknown


“Who messed up the gift bags?”Photo:

The big questions on our lips before Jennifer Lopez’s JustSweet show: Would any big names make it across town after Zac Posen? Would Posh Spice come out to support the good friend of her pal Tom Cruise? And, most important, would Marc Anthony look as undead in person?

The answer is yes — at least to the last question. Mr. Lopez slid in about twenty minutes before the house lights went down. He looked faintly cranky, and his pallor was typically zombified. He wasn’t bothered by too many flashbulbs, although that might be because vampires don’t show up on film.

As for the rest: Posh never turned up, and neither did the cadre of supremely famous faces we expected. Oddly enough — considering they’ve outfitted Lopez for every major occasion she’s attended in the last six months — Marchesa designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman were marked for second-row seats but were able to plop down in the front row. One photographer even whispered, “Hey, that’s the chick that’s dating that guy!” Oh, right! That guy! Man, we thought things were bad for Harvey when Miramax imploded. Who would have thought he’d end up getting downgraded to “That Guy”?

Marley Shelton switched outfits after her Calvin Klein appearance and took a seat next to former Lost actress — and current lost actress — Maggie Grace. She and Angela Simmons (Reverend Run’s daughter) flanked Michelle Trachtenberg, whose reps clearly need a big raise for the way they’re getting her around town all week. It’s like they’ve forgotten she’s not actually Sarah Michelle Gellar. Still, Michelle got to watch her BFF Lydia Hearst walk in the show. Hearst stared at the ground most of the time, which Ms. Tyra Banks will tell you is a big no-no.

And of course we spotted various cast members of The Fashionista Diaries, which was reportedly filming backstage. We’re almost positive we’re the only ones who recognized them. Nobody watches as much SoapNet as us, except maybe Shannen Doherty, when she wants to remember what it was like to have a steady job. —The Fug Girls

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Marc Anthony Is Undead; Harvey Weinstein Is Unknown