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Marc Jacobs Show (Including Two-Hour Wait) Pure Magic


Jacobs, comically large bottle.Photo: Patrick McMullan

We won’t complain about Marc Jacobs’s show at the Armory going on late — as always. The fine folks at KCD alerted everyone to the delay (which turned out to be two hours) and suddenly, fashion editors who’d been subsisting off nothing but water and vitamins for days had a rare chance to eat. And get monstrously buzzed off a single glass of wine.

Glamour editor Cynthia Leive told us that her crew waited it out at Dos Caminos. “I had half a margarita, and I can no longer follow through with my plan to move my car from its alternate side of the street parking at the end of the night,” she said. “Is that the effect he’s going for? Tequila-infused reviews?” And the indulgences didn’t end with margaritas. When we returned to the Armory shortly before 10 p.m., there was a cart marked “Kate Spade’s Ice Cream Soup” parked outside, serving free ice cream.

But the celebrities, of course, arrived looking fresh. Victoria Beckham swanned in, 90 million paparazzi in tow. Michelle Trachtenberg told us she waited out the tail end of the delay in her car; someone texted Elisha Cuthbert updates every twenty minutes. Carmen Electra — who told us the hardest part of her Full Frontal Fashion gig at the tent is learning to “pronunciate” the names on the TelePrompTer — was skipping the after-party in favor of beauty sleep. John Currin and Rachel Feinstein arrived three minutes before the lights went down. “I was pleased as punch to walk in and just see a show,” said Currin. Helena Christensen, always our favorite person in a room, had taken full advantage of the delay. “It was great. I got to have Japanese food and stop by Mario Testino’s book party,” she said. “I walked into the book party, and there were all these beautiful young men in their underwear holding the books. Flesh everywhere! I was like, ‘There is a God. Thank you, Marc.’” As for the show — which moved in reverse order, with Jacobs bounding out first, and the models all parading forth together and then coming out individually — some people found it quite moving. “I started crying,” Courtney Love told us backstage. —Jada Yuan with Bennett Marcus

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Marc Jacobs Show (Including Two-Hour Wait) Pure Magic