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Martina McBride Would Not Trust Marilyn Manson With Her Shoes


McBride: These boots are made for wearin’ …Photo: Getty Images

We don’t quite get why Fashion Week parties must include live concerts, but we’re not complaining. Strike that: Last night’s private pre–Fashion Rocks concert featured Santana, a man not exactly in his prime. Though weirdly, he is designing women’s footwear. The man of the hour didn’t stick around long enough after the show to explain himself, so we got fashion tips from a couple of his A-list celebrity admirers.

Chad Kroger of Nickelback, who has a new single with the guitar god, bristled at our assertion that Canadian fashion consists mainly of orange parkas and snow boots. “I come straight from the book of Johnny Cash. Black, black, and more black.” Clive Davis suggested a tailored suit with a matching necktie and handkerchief. Martina McBride, who favors Zac Posen and Prada and was headed to her first fashion show ever, BCBG, this morning, even defended the idea of musicians designing shoes. “Maybe I wouldn’t trust Marilyn Manson, but musicians are generally very sensitive people,” she said. “Mick Jagger, I bet he would design really great shoes. I feel like male musicians might actually try them on and wear them around.” —Jada Yuan

Martina McBride Would Not Trust Marilyn Manson With Her Shoes