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Padma and Ivana Won’t Fugging Speak

Padma’s this close to telling Veronica to pack
her knives and go.Photo: Getty Images

Ivana Trump must not be a Top Chef fan. Appearing this morning at Vera Wang (and sans her burnished male escort from yesterday), Ivana sat hip-to-hip with Padma Lakshmi in the front row — yet they never seemed to speak or exchange a glance. Shouldn’t they be gabbing about how tall C.J. is or whether somebody could please place a ban on the contestants making tuna tartare?

Down the row from them, Fabiola Beracasa chatted politely with pencil-size socialite Olivia Chantecaille, who still appears in need of a passionate threesome with a bagel chef and some cream cheese. Sarah Michelle Gellar arrived with actress pal Lindsay Sloane in tow, who was strangely clad in tights and a coat (seriously, wasn’t she a tad overheated?). Mid-show, SMG exhibited some was gushing to Sloane about one of Vera’s drapey black tops. And singer Vanessa Carlton swanned in wearing a giant purple hat that hid her face from the masses, as if she hoped to go incognito despite the fact that she’s so far off our radar, she could use all the cognito she can get. Meanwhile, golden-haired Lauren Davis broke her smile for a photographer to call across the aisle at a pal, “Wait, how short? How short is Anneliese [Peterson]’s hair?”

The Bob and Its Friend, André Photo: Getty Images

We didn’t hear the answer, because at that moment, we felt something hot boring into our back and turned to see The Bobbed One herself idly scanning the room, André Leon Talley at her side. As we wandered around trying not to step on her feet, we accidentally made eye contact with her about four times and immediately felt like we should apologize. For everything —: for our shoes, for eating carbs, for that party in college when we disguised unwanted cheap tequila as a bottle of Cuervo … Instead, we ran.

As did she. A fraction of a second after Wang accepted her ovation, Anna leaped up as if buzzed with a cattle prod and fled at top speed, The Bob bouncing furiously as she hightailed it out of there. Apparently being a tennis (and Roger Federer) aficionado has taught her a few things about being light on her feet. —The Fug Girls

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Padma and Ivana Won’t Fugging Speak