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Teri Hatcher Sports a Fuggish Orange Glow

Hatcher with the Mischka half of her personal closet.Photo: Getty Images

As one might’ve predicted, the marquee celebrity holding court in the Badgley Mischka front row was Teri Hatcher, America’s most desperate housewife and the boys’ latest muse. Let’s hope Teri liked what she saw, since the entire second half of the show was basically a preview of the flowing gowns she’ll be given for parading up and down any red carpet she can find in the coming months. As we only had a glimpse of her profile and the back of her head, all we can report is that she seemed more raven-haired than usual. And a trifle orange.

A few seats down, giantess Allison Janney sat next to the wee Rachael Ray — sort of the Fashion Week equivalent of Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins. JC Chasez (looking like he’s holding up pretty well in this post-N’SYNC landscape) and Daisy Fuentes took their spots with a minimum of fanfare, and Ivana Trump strode in and snuggled with sockless boy toy Rossano Rubicondi. The Original Flavor was greeted warmly by all the other older socialites dripping with gold jewelry who, we suspect, may have been wondering where they, too, could get themselves a piece of that Younger Italian Man Action.

Other Badg-fans included Sophia Bush, whom we’ve seen so often this week that we practically expect her to be sitting in our hotel lobby at the end of the day, and Beth Ostrosky — who once again proved herself refreshingly down-to-earth as she patiently waited in line for a seat with the rest of us laptop jockeys before eventually being rescued by a PR girl. She actually seemed surprised that she’d be allowed to jump the queue and even thanked the girl profusely. Who knew the universe was such a fan of Howard Stern? —The Fug Girls

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Teri Hatcher Sports a Fuggish Orange Glow