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Amy Winehouse Looks Good, Throws Spares at All-Star Fashion Bowling Tournament

From left, Agyness Deyn protects her eyes; Amy Winehouse throws some shapes with the D.J..Photo: Sarah Maslin Nir

Last night an all-star bowling tournament raged at London’s private members’ club Shoreditch House (a cousin of New York’s Soho House). Mark Barât and Gary Powell from the Libertines showed off ferocious gutter balls, while drag royal Jodie Harsh, London’s answer to Amanda Lepore, looked on. Their opponent, Amy Winehouse, also seemed to know her way around a bowling alley, as she nabbed herself a couple of spares.

Don’t believe the haggard shots in the tabloids: We were shocked to find that, in the flesh, Winehouse looks good. The improvement, partygoers were whispering, is due to a vegetarian, teetotal U.S. photographer with a crypt-keeper aesthetic named Blake Wood. Reported by the tabs to be her man nanny, he’s charged with keeping her on the straight and narrow, and accordingly lurked a yard away at all times. Winehouse spent much of the party flinging her tiny body over the D.J. booth, “arse-in-the-air” as the Brits say, rummaging through her purse stashed behind it. When she wasn’t asking partygoers for a mirror (Blake, stop her, quick!), she dirty-danced with the D.J. behind the decks.

Agyness Deyn was also a fan of the throwback tunes, doing a spirited mashed potato. She wore a coral-colored mackintosh and matching Wayfarers that never left her face. At the bar, we overheard her explain to a photographer that she couldn’t take the sunglasses off because she’s been suffering from an eye infection.

Slim and trim Kelly Osbourne dashed in and out, toting a chunky plastic Elle Style award she’d just won for Best On-Air Personality. She told us she missed the awards show because she was taping the finale of her show Project Catwalk but dropped by afterward to collect the cumbersome plastic plaque.

At 4 a.m., we checked out the Christopher Kane after-party at Amy Sacco’s failing London Bungalow 8, where only Kane’s septuagenarian mum was left on the dance floor. —Sarah Maslin Nir

Amy Winehouse Looks Good, Throws Spares at All-Star Fashion Bowling Tournament