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André Leon Talley Gives Up Front-Row Seat to Hang With Rodnick Boys

Imagine André Leon Talley (left with Jennifer Hudson) in the same graduation kimono, but with the print from the closing look of the Rodnick show (right). Photo: Getty Images, Imaxtree

Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley was forced to stand at the Oscar de la Renta show because he showed a few moments late when the damn thing dared to start on time, but at Proenza Schouler, he chose to stand, according to British Vogue. Apparently there wasn’t room in the front row for his two new lust objects, Rodnick designers Richard Ascott and Philip Colbert. “They’re the most exciting thing since Warhol,” Talley was overheard saying. Well! (Totally unrelated question, purely as an aside: Are these guys hot? We’re shallow. It’s a valid question.)

Anyhow. You understand, of course, that at Fashion Week nothing says “I love you” more than giving up the best seat in the house for the awful, awful standing section, which is like a crowded subway from fashion hell (and way worse if you have heels on). And we found Talley’s affinity for the label a bit surprising because, well, if Vogue were hot chocolate, we wouldn’t exactly peg Rodnick for its marshmallows. Though we’ve seen Talley wear some inspired looks, we wouldn’t necessarily pick Rodnick as the wardrobe yang to Talley’s yin. That said, it’s a pleasant surprise. We would love to see Talley in something resembling the closing look of the Rodnick collection. We thought the solid red robe he wore to the Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars last year was a classic, but then we imagined it in a Rodnick print and we were almost moved to tears.

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André Leon Talley Gives Up Front-Row Seat to Hang With Rodnick Boys