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Angie Harmon Has Her Own Hair Wrangler

Angie and her casually gorgeous, procedurally

complex hair.Photo: Getty Images

For a celebrity at Fashion Week, it doesn’t really matter WHY you’re there; if the camera catches you with a hair out of place, that’s pretty much all anyone will remember. Clever Angie Harmon clearly knows this, as the second she took her seat at Carolina Herrera, a stylist type blocked her face long enough to fluff and arrange her black locks flatteringly around her face. Then he stepped away and the flashbulbs exploded. How much do we think good hair wranglers cost these days? And would they fix a fugger’s tresses pro bono?

The former Law & Order actress — and current star of the awkwardly named Women’s Murder Club, as if homicide is to them what bridge is to their grandmas — dispensed a passel of hugs and waves to passersby, including Robert Verdi. “I’m going to torture you later!” he cackled. “Please do!” Angie laughed. We waited to hear a comment about watching hubby Jason Sehorn’s ex-team winning the Super Bowl last night, but while we stood there, none came. Instead, she unleashed the usual chatter about Herrera’s artistry, skill, understanding of the female form, yadda yadda yadda. Just once we would love to hear someone say of a designer, “Yeah, I’m here because these clothes are usually totally cracked out,” but we assume that flies in the face of front-row etiquette.

Speaking of which, unless our eyes deceived us, Cathy Horyn of the New York Times — famously banned for once calling Herrera “irrelevant” — had a seat with her name on it. Tragically we were unable to see if she sat in it, and when we returned to check the name tag, it had mysteriously been ripped off the chair. Drama!

We also got a look at Nina Garcia’s new bangs (the verdict: flattering, but we prefer Original Flavor) and our first glimpse this week of Tinsley Mortimer. She gabbed energetically with Olivia Chantecaille and pleasantly glad-handed with a girl we think we recognized as Miss Universe (although our seats were so far back we were practically in a different universe of our own, so it’s tough to tell for sure if it was her). Sadly, though, the Tinz’s trademark curls looked a bit worse for the wear — her coif was flat and straight until about her earlobes, where it then burst into aggressive ringlets. Man, where’s Angie Harmon’s hair wrangler when you really need him? —The Fug Girls

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Angie Harmon Has Her Own Hair Wrangler