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Armani Talks Smack About Wintour in Her Presence!

Fake smiles all around!Photo: WireImage

What, exactly, is Giorgio Armani’s problem this week? First he bans Cathy Horyn from his show in Milan, and then, this morning, he let his mouth run astray about Anna Wintour. Mm-hmm. La Bobella (wearing her beloved Prada dress) was on the same stage as Armani during a press conference in Milan about the Costume Institute’s forthcoming “Superheroes” exhibition, and then it got delicious:

Well, maybe he’s just saying that because nothing by Armani was featured in February’s Vogue. It’s certainly not a French/Italian thing, as we actually calculated (yes, those shopping indexes are useful) how many of each designer’s items were featured in the issue and the number of Italian versus French designers were dead even at eleven apiece.

We’re still waiting for the video of this press conference to pop up on as it promised. We’re guessing it won’t include Armani’s little rant. And we’re guessing Vogue won’t include many of Armani’s little designs in the coming months, either.

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Armani Talks Smack About Wintour in Her Presence!