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Cathy Horyn Shut Out of Armani’s Milan Show!

Roberta Armani at the couture show in January.Photo: Getty Images

Brace yourselves: Cathy Horyn was uninvited to the Giorgio Armani show in Milan. We repeat: Cathy Horyn was UNINVITED to Armani. Though she originally had an invitation, the fashion house sent Horyn an urgent e-mail the day before the show to ask if she had received a letter from Armani. She writes in her blog she never received this letter, which supposedly explained she was no longer invited because Armani “didn’t like the tone of my comments about his January couture show in Paris; specifically, he thought I was ‘belittling’ of his family and friends.” Here’s what Horyn wrote in January about the family:

Mr. Armani is a master at creating a scene. Inside, 10 men in crow’s-nests trained stage lights on the runway. Sophia Loren, dressed in a dark coat and trousers, sat in the front row. There was no need to smile because Sophia Loren had smiled so many times before. Mr. Armani’s niece, Roberta, sat next to Hilary Swank, who had on a black beaded cocktail dress. Ms. Armani never seemed to stop smiling.

So rude! As for the clothes at that show, Horyn neither loved nor hated them, but clearly her less favorable comments about the threads earned her a solid dis. And it’s not the first time this has happened to Horyn; Carolina Herrera let the Times back into her show just this past Fashion Week for the first time since Horyn dissed her collection two years ago.

Only in the fashion world, where showgoers bandy about invitations like Olympic medals, is a this behavior unsurprising. It’s not as if movie producers uninvite critics to screenings. Art galleries don’t ban art critics. And you wouldn’t uninvite your friend’s roommate to your Project Runway party because he said he wished you’d served Prosecco at your last one.

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Cathy Horyn Shut Out of Armani’s Milan Show!