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Ashley Tisdale’s Nose Doesn’t Match Her Doll’s

This doll be frontin’!Photo: Getty Images,

Attention celebrities: If you’re going to get a nose job and you have a doll of yourself coming out, try to get the surgery before the doll gets mocked up. Don’t make the mistake High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale did and get the old version of you designed. Tisdale’s doll debuted at the TIA Toy Fair in New York last week, and MSNBC astutely notes:

Because celebrities’ doll protégées always look exactly like the celebrity. For example, let’s take a look at one of our favorite celebrities-cum-Barbies, Kimora Lee Simmons.

Dolls’ hips do lie.Photo: Getty Images; doll courtesy of Baby Phat

We know we’re talking faces here, but we can’t help but mention no one complains that the dolls’ bodies never match that of the celebs. Anyhoo, to Kimmy Doll’s credit, those eyebrows are pretty spot on. But everything else? Sigh. Why must we do this to little girls?

‘High School Musical’ star’s doll has old nose [MSNBC]

Ashley Tisdale’s Nose Doesn’t Match Her Doll’s